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Sheer/Bandsaw   We cut metal to size. 

Break                     We bend metal to specified degree.  

Drill/Bore              We drill and bore holes into steel.

Punch/Torch   ​      We cut and punch holes and shapes                                               into metal to specified size and spacing. 

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MIG                    Gas Metal Arc Welding 

TIG                     Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 

STICK                 Shielded Metal Arc Welding 

DUAL SHIELD   ​Gas Flux Core Arc Welding 

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Lathe                              We turn metal to size. 

Vertical Mill Machine   Machine grooves, slots,                                                      keyways etc.


We're equipped to do lighter duty, low volume machining in our facility. Our trained and experienced machinists will get your specifications within tolerance. Perfect for your custom part needs. 

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Design, Delivery, Finishing, Install  

Design        We have CAD software and the design know-how to                                 get your product professionally drawn up and                                           designed to your specifications. 

Delivery      We have the trucks and trailers to bring the finished                                products from our shop to the job site.

Finishing     We galvanize, powder coat, primer, and                                                     perform whatever finishes you request to                                                 protect/weatherproof your project.  

Install   ​         We have the equipment and licenses to safely                                           and effectively install your project no matter the size. 

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